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Welcome to Handyman Everett at A Better Handyman – your premier destination for professional yet affordable handyman services in Everett and the surrounding areas. Our team of trained craftsmen is equipped to handle urgent repairs, regular maintenance, and home enhancements with precision and expertise. With years of experience serving the Everett community, we have earned the reputation as the most trusted handyman business in the area. Our skilled and insured professionals deliver excellent workmanship on everything from minor repairs to major renovations. At Handyman Everett WA, we handle all types of jobs, allowing you to focus on what matters most to you. With transparent pricing, reliable workmanship, and outstanding customer service, we ensure that every job is completed to your satisfaction.

Services We Offer

As a full-service handyman company based in Everett for years, A Better Handyman handles various repair, installation, and home improvement projects. Every job is small and complex for our experienced, licensed artisans.

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How we can help in your Everett, WA area

Our team workers are skilled and understand their job properly, which means that you can expect them to do the work you need right.
Below are the top-rated services that we provide to our clients.

Drywall Repair Services in Everett, WA

Electrical Repair services in Everett, WA

Carpentry Service in Everett, WA

Flooring Service in Everett, WA

Decks Service in Everett, WA

Garage Doors Service in Everett, WA

Light Fixture Replacement Service in Everett, WA

Painting Service in Everett, WA

Pressure Washing Service in Everett, WA

Tile Repair or Installation Service in a Everett, WA

Window Coverings Service in Everett, WA

Why Choose Our Everett Handyman Service?

With so many options for handyperson services in Everett, WA, what sets A Better Handyman apart? Here are the key reasons homeowners & business owners trust us for all their property maintenance and upgrade needs:

Serving The Everett Area

With over a decade and a half of operating locally in Everett, we understand this area and the typical repair issues homeowners face. Whether it is dealing with rain drainage, cold winters causing cracks, or pipes bursting, our handypersons have seen it all and can quickly diagnose problems.
We are also licensed and registered with the city for prompt permit approvals for larger projects. Our solid roots and reputation in Everett allow us to provide Everett handyman services and quality no fly-by-night contractor can match.

Fully Vetted, Background-checked Checked Technicians

All handypersons on our team undergo extensive vetting and background checks before hiring. We carefully review their skills and previous project work and ensure they fit our service philosophy well.
As a homeowner, you can rest assured you are getting fully qualified, drug-tested technicians who value integrity in your house when booking our Everett handyman services.

Extensive Experience Across All Common Handyman Services

Name a common handyman task; we have done it countless times. Our well-rounded experience spanning electrical work, plumbing, carpentry, drywall, painting, and more allows us to take on any home repair or upgrade project.

Insured + Licensed Local Business

As a fully registered and insured handyperson service operating legally in WA, you get complete accountability and protection using Everett Handyman Services.
We carry both liability coverage plus workers’ compensation for on-site accidents. All our vans and tools are also insured. This gives our customers total peace of mind.

Affordable, Competitive Pricing

While cheap handypersons may seem attractive, they often lead to shoddy work or half-finished projects when they run into complex issues. On the other hand, established handyperson services frequently overprice their work beyond what regular homeowners can afford.

Handyman Projects for Your Everett Home

No matter the age or style of your home in Everett, WA – regular maintenance and upgrades are needed over time to keep things running smoothly.
As your experienced local handyman, A Better Handyman offers reliable repair, installation, and improvement services for the most common issues Everett homeowners face in their properties.

Drywall Repairs

Drywall inevitably develops flaws like cracks, holes, or water damage over the years. Catching these early and repairing them promptly helps prevent further structural issues. Our expert Handyman Everett WA, offers professional services for:
  • Small hole/crack patching
  • Water leak repairs
  • Texture matching
  • New wall installations
  • Acoustic & fire rated drywall
On catching minor damage early through routine inspection, do not hesitate to schedule our drywall technicians to fix it professionally before it exacerbates. For new construction drywall projects involving framing, jointing, floating, and finishing – we have the skills and workforce to complete the job from A to Z seamlessly.

Deck Maintenance & Repairs

Wooden decks exposed to the Pacific Northwest weather year-round need proactive maintenance and periodic repairs to stay safe while protecting your home’s value. We can help with:
  • Power washing/deep cleaning
  • Spot-treating dry rot
  • Stain/sealer reapplication
  • Fixing loose boards or railings
  • Reinforcing structure
Waiting too long leads to full tear-outs becoming necessary. Make deck inspections and upkeep a routine to protect this valuable outdoor living space.

Painting Services

Our professional Everett painters deliver high-quality interior and exterior paint jobs efficiently. This includes:
  • Full interior painting
  • Exterior house painting
  • Fence/garage paint jobs
  • Accent walls or feature walls
  • Touch-ups & spot painting
  • Wallpaper install/removal
  • And specialty finishes!

Fence Repairs

Installing a quality fence brings lots of value by marking boundaries, enabling pets and children to roam safely, and boosting privacy. However, wear and tear over the years can leave fences splintered, discolored or even leaning over.
Our carpenters offer reliable fence repair and upkeep Everett handyman services:
  • Spot treating and sealing wood rot
  • Replacing broken pickets/posts/gates
  • Straightening posts leaning over
  • Reinforcing posts in the ground
  • Full staining or paint jobs
Don’t let a damaged fence detract from your home’s curb appeal or security! We can restore them affordably.
That covers some of the most frequently requested handyman jobs needed in Everett homes. Of course, we also provide many other repairs, installation, and improvement services:
  • Carpentry – crown molding installation, shelving, etc.
  • Plumbing – drainage fixes, installing a high-efficiency water heater, etc.
  • Doors – weatherproofing, adjusting alignment, new knobs, etc.
  • Flooring – tile repairs, laminate installation
  • Lighting – install new fixtures, replace outdated bulbs & wiring, etc.
  • And much more!
As Everett’s premier full-service handyman company for over the years, A Better Handyman has the experience and capacity to take care of ANY common home repair or upgrade needed quickly and affordably.


Our coverage spans most neighborhoods within Everett city limits. However, we may service adjacent towns on a case basis for valued long-term clients. Feel free to ask! Please inform us of your location upon booking so we can estimate travel time & costs accordingly if extra.
Every handyman project is different in scope and complexity, so listing standard pricing is challenging. Cost depends on the job size plus labor/material expenses to complete work correctly. We offer free in-home consultations and customized quotes, factoring everything your project needs. Volume discounts can also be discussed for larger jobs!

We are a registered WA state business carrying all legally required licenses and insurance viz:

  • Everett Business License
  • WA Contractor’s License
  • Liability & Workmen’s Insurance
  • WA Labor and Industries Electrical Licenses

Certificates for these are available on request for peace of mind.

The safety of clients and employees is our priority. Our technicians thoroughly sanitize hands & tools and wear masks when working close to customers, specifically inside homes. We practice social distancing whenever feasible for everyone’s wellbeing.


This overview showcases our professional handypersons’ extensive expertise to homeowners and businesses across Everett, WA.
As your full-service local Everett handyman company for years, A Better Handyman has the experience, tools, and skills to efficiently take care of any ordinary household repair or upgrade project – while delivering quality craft with outstanding customer service every time.
Ready to get your next handyman project estimate? Whether it’s a small drywall patch job or a large-scale bathroom renovation, our Everett team has covered you.
Call or email us about your nagging household “to-do” list items. Our friendly team is glad to help Everett homeowners finally check these repairs and upgrades off their list!

Let us help you fix everything from attics to basements and everything in between.

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