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Have you ever walked into a house where family photos, artwork, diplomas, and clocks were all perfectly hung on the walls? The right amount of height and symmetry show how proud, happy, and successful that family is.

What Can A Better Handyman Hang with Hanging Services

When you need a handyman in Allentown, PA, all you have to do is give them a call. Our trustworthy handymen always try to go above and beyond what our local customers expect. In other words, we carefully check the surfaces and materials before hanging anything. Our team can hang things for people in Allentown, PA and they can trust us to keep their walls from getting damaged. In some situations, we can even use different methods that don’t involve drilling holes.

Before you decide that all you need to do is drive a few nails into the wall, you might want to ask a group of local professionals for help. Animal mounts or solid hardwood frames might not be able to be held up by nails alone. A lot of different things can be hung or mounted on walls, but if you want to be safe, you should only hire professional picture hangers. If you need experienced hanging service technicians in Allentown, PA, A Better Handyman has you covered, whether you need them for your home or business.

A lot of people in the area want more than just plain walls! We have the right hanging methods for you whether you have children or grandchildren who have reached important milestones, take family photos every year, or are an art collector who collects a lot. Some do-it-yourself projects may cause you harm or property damage, requiring the support of a drywall repair specialist. The skilled hanging service technicians in Allentown, PA are ready to give you professional picture-hanging services and make sure that your decorations or pictures are hung safely.

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It’s not possible to be too specific with art. This thing can be unrestricted to a small frame or canvas, especially if it has an odd or heavy shape. So, it’s important to get professional help hanging big or heavy pieces of art in this situation. This is something that homeowners in Allentown, PA, need to do right away to protect their valuable artwork and walls.

When working with paintings that weigh more than 25 pounds, nails and screws alone are not enough. Installing plastic or metal plasterboard anchors is necessary to make sure the art is stable. On the other hand, you can choose a row of hanging kits with metal sawtooth hangers attached to the frames for extra support. Art lovers can keep their valuable pieces safe and enjoy them for years to come by following these steps.

Some hunters are so proud of their trophies that they hang stuffed animal heads on their walls. But there are also creative and different ways to decorate walls, such as with resin heads, 3D art, and other sculptures. People often find that frame hanger hooks with nails work best for hanging these kinds of things. Wall art can be unique and personalised, and our dedicated a better handyman hanging service team will make sure that your art is mounted safely and stands out from the rest.

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Multiple Photos or Pieces of Artwork

You should hang your pictures on the walls instead of putting them away in the attic or basement. But it’s easy to mess up when hanging a lot of photos. For example, you might need to measure the space correctly, hang them too high, or think about how heavy they are.

Many people like to follow a “57-inch rule” regarding single art pieces, no matter what size they should be. With this rule as a guide, you should measure from the ground to the bottom of the picture’s frame of the picture. People think the height is perfect if it is between 57 and 60 inches. This rule might not work if you lean against the wall furniture with different widths and heights.

For example, if you want to hang art above your couch, you should put it about eight inches above the couch. When you put them together, Could you ensure that two pieces of art are at least two to six inches apart? Also, please put them in the right place on the wall to line up with the couch. The goal is to hang every picture and work of art at eye level, no matter how many you have up.

You will like that our hanging service technicians in Allentown, PA pay close attention to the materials used, the measurements, and the way they are arranged. Their keen observational skills reveal their obsession with detail and their drive for perfection.

Heavy Mirrors

A professional should always put up good mirrors, especially ones with complicated designs Mirrors are of many shapes and sizes; some have frames, there are many shapes and sizes of mirrors; some have frames, and some have boundaries, and some don’t. Kindly ensure that they are positioned correctly on the wall so that they align with the sofa. Before putting the measurements on the wall, they must be carefully measured and marked on a level. Heavy-duty wall anchors should be used to keep the wall from getting scratched, and one goes behind the mirror’s frame. Heavy-duty wall anchors should be used, and rubber bumper pads should be put on the back of the mirror.
Metal studs are the best choice for mirrors with frames. There are two cleats: one goes on the wall and one goes behind the mirror’s frame. To hang the mirror safely, just hook the top cleat onto the bottom cleat. For extra security, frameless mirrors need mounting clips on the wall.
If you need professional help hanging a mirror, feel free to call the a better handyman hanging service technicians in your area. They will make sure the work is done quickly and safely.
Do you want to get rid of your entertainment centre to make more room on the floor in your living room? You bought a new TV but still need the time or tools to mount it. It can be hard to mount a TV correctly, and you want to make sure everything runs smoothly.
Luckily, A Better Handyman’s hanging services in Allentown, PA also include safe and quick TV mounting. With their service, you can sit back and enjoy your TV in the perfect spot without having to do anything to set it up.
The skilled and experienced handymen at A Better Handyman are dedicated to providing safe and high-quality services that will help you make your home look how you want it to. When A Better Handyman hangs your paintings, pictures, and other wall decorations, you can be sure they will be safely put up without damaging your home or the things they hang.

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The skilled and experienced handymen at A Better Handyman are dedicated to providing safe and high-quality services that will help you make your home look how you want it to. When A Better Handyman hangs your paintings, pictures, and other wall decorations, you can be sure they will be safely put up without damaging your home or the things they hang.


Yes, Drilling holes in brick is possible, but it is not recommended. Our hanging service techs in a better handyman are happy to help you put up some high-quality brass brick clips or hangers. The mouth part joins with the mortar and the brick piece’s top. Hooks and hangers can hold pictures and art that weigh between 20 and 25 pounds. The way he hangs them, though, won’t work if your mortar is flat. Technicians in allontown, PA must chip off a small piece of artillery so the brass clip can attach to it.
Yes, of course we can. As an Allentown, PA handyman, we can help you change your home or remodel it. We’re always happy to share our thoughts with our local customers, especially if there’s something helpful we’ve learned and want to share. We know that every house is built differently and that you must be careful not to change how something looks. We can help you with some design ideas if your goal is to make the inside of your home look better.
Our professional Allentown, PA hanging services are one of our many residential and commercial handyman services. When we hang things for businesses, we’re just as careful and thorough as when we hang things for homes. We’ll make sure that your business property is protected and damaged. Another great thing about our Allentown, PA handymen is that you can trust their judgement because they carefully check and study their work before they do it.

Yes, there is. Let’s look at your kitchen cabinets. They are already substantially heavier when filled with plates, bowls, and cups. You can only imagine how much heavier they’ll be afterwards. Cabinets are carefully placed using specific methods that help them hold all that extra weight. These methods can also be used for other heavy items.

Heavy-duty plasterboard anchors or metal toggles that can hold things that weigh between 100 and 150 pounds are what you need to hang heavy things. If you choose our reliable hanging service in Allentown, PA, the experts at A Better Handyman will help you figure out the best ways to hang heavy things.

Because taking measurements is something people usually have to keep in mind, the results of their photographs aren’t always perfectly straight or level. You risk ruining your home’s interior design if the scale is off. If you want to fill it with art, you won’t just hang a small picture in the middle of a big item. Instead of that, you should put something much bigger on that wall that fits that space. At first, it would be the centre of attention for everyone.

Feel free to contact us about our professional picture-hanging services in Allentown, PA. Just because you bent a nail or put a screw in the wrong place doesn’t mean you should feel bad about it.

Put another way, having a keen eye for detail comes with experience. Add to that a love of simple maths, and you’ll always need a measuring tape and level when adding custom projects to the wall. People who hang pictures or other works of art also need to know about the materials used to do a good job.

The highly trained service providers at A Better Handyman have years of experience helping people in their homes and businesses with a wide range of handyman tasks. One of these is hanging things quickly and correctly in Allentown, PA, like bathroom mirrors, signs, certificates, lighting systems and more!

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