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Having your own house in Kent WA comes with its own set of joys but issues like drywall cracks, and leaky faucets make you need repair services often. Why look anywhere else than Handyman Services Kent WA? We will help you to address any household problems that you could encounter and help solve them. We’re just one call away from our expert handyman to repair or fix any household task.

What Can Handyman Kent do for you?

We at Handyman Kent WA, will take upon ourselves a wide range of services to meet all your home repair needs. Be it drywall repairs, flooring solutions, power washing, windows and doors, and more. You name it we fix it. We strive to be the best at providing top-notch solutions to your household repairs.

Handyman Kent WA: Services Offered

Drywall Repair: Any cracks, moisture damages, mould to clean, wear or tears and other possible harm to drywalls. 

Electrical Repairs: Upgrading the meters, writing issues, equipment malfunctions, diagnostic testing and more. 

Carpentry Services: Door, Window, Ceiling repair, floor repairs and full space renovation and repairs. 

Flooring  Services: Removing flooring, installing new flooring, fixing old flooring, laminate and tiles included. 

Deck Services: Deck designing, planning, installation cleaning and renovation. 

Garage Door Service: Garage Doors repairs, and maintenance, for both residential and commercial places

Light Fixtures: Installment, and replacement of various types of light fixtures in both residential and commercial places. 

Painting Service: Painting for exterior, interior, move-in/move-out and drywalls. Painting for other carpentry objects available too. 

Pressure Washing Service: Power washing sidewalks, and paths, indoors or outdoors for both residential and commercial areas. 

Tile Repair or Installation Service: Installing laminate, ceramics, slate, porcelain, and marble tiles. Repairing them and polishing and finishing are available too. 

Window Coverings Service: Instalment of windows, coverings, blinds, shades and drapes with frills and nets.

Cost of Handyman Services in Kent

Affordability is an important metric when it comes to household repairs, that’s why we offer cost-efficient services for all your handyman needs. Simply dial us and get a quote for your requirements while ensuring no hidden costs.

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Benefits of Working with Our Expert Team

Using Handyman Kent WA services has its own perks:

Saving Time:

Our handyman are trained to complete tasks fast and well to help you relieve the stress of having the house in a mess.

Savings on Money:

Our quotes are made diligently keeping in kind the affordability and pay to our experienced and trained handymen.

Good Experience:

Unlike other repair services, our team of workers get extensive training to be the best at what they do hence they provide you with the best experience of having them over to fix things.

Better Results:

We provide superior results for your property with our trained workers and top-quality service.

Need Help to Fix Your Home in Kent? Call Handman Kent Today!

From small repairs to huge instalments in a wide range from electrical, plumbing, and painting to repairing and everything else, contact Handyman Kent WA for help. Our easy-to-avail services make your life easier by helping fix things you can’t. We are the best service for your Home Improvement journey.


Handyman Kent, WA offers various services like electrical work, plumbing work, carpentry work, painting repair/replacement, installation of appliances, deck and floor repairs and instalments and general house maintenance.
Handyman Kent WA costs can vary depending on the type of service availed, its scope, the materials required for the task at hand and the amount of workers needed to do it. Hourly rates for our handyman services can range anywhere between $50-100 but larger projects are charged based on a per-project basis.
Handyman Kent WA and their services are insured and licensed. Our work protects you in case when you need insurance from accidents or damages. Also, our workers are well-trained professionals with licenses for whatever they do. However, you need to verify the license and insurance before you proceed with the work in your house.
Handyman services availability in Kent WA depends on the schedule and workload of our workers. It is best to discuss the timeline and availability with us by contacting us beforehand. You can also visit us in case you want more clarity. We do accept urgent cases but it depends on the availability of the handymen so plan well.
Handyman Kent WA services have a good reputation and they are mostly willing to show samples of previous projects or works if requested. This allows you to evaluate the based on the work of similar tasks. You can request samples yourself before wanting to get work started. We can easily provide you with so.

Let us help you fix everything from attics to basements and everything in between.

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