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If you’re seeking a handyman in the Kennewick area, look no further! We specialize in repairing both residential and commercial properties. Renowned for our high-quality and professional work, we prioritize getting the job done correctly the first time, and we do so with efficiency. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

What can we do for your Kennewick Home?

In Kennewick, Washington, we provide a variety of home improvement and repair services. Our offerings include wall repairs, deck maintenance, art hanging, floor installation, door repairs, and light fixture replacement.

Services Offered by A Better Handyman

If you’re in need of a reliable handyman, we’ve got you covered! Serving homeowners, business owners, and renters in the Kennewick area, we offer top-notch services for all your home repair needs. Everything you require for home maintenance, conveniently available in one place.

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How we can help in your Kennewick, WA Area

Drywall Repair services in Kennewick, WA

Electrical Repair services in Kennewick, WA

Carpentry Service in Kennewick, WA

Flooring Service in Kennewick, WA

Decks Service in Kennewick, WA

Garage Doors Service in Kennewick, WA

Light Fixture Replacement Service in Kennewick, WA

Painting Service in Kennewick, WA

Pressure Washing Service in Kennewick, WA

Tile Repair or Installation Service in Kennewick, WA

Window Coverings Service in Kennewick, WA

How Much Does It Cost to Handyman Services in Kennewick?

At A Better Handyman, we offer affordable prices for commercial property owners and renters. Our services cover many needs, and our pricing is reasonable. The cost of our handyman services depends on the work needed and our hourly rates. If you want to know about pricing, call our handyman expert and let us know what you need.
We make sure our clients know exactly what they’re paying for. Before starting your project, we’ll give you a clear budget and quote that includes labor and materials costs. At A Better Handyman company, we take the time to understand all your project details.

Benefits of working with our expert team

Are you tired of spending your weekends doing endless house repairs? Let A Better Handyman in Kennewick handle everything and give you the desired results.

Save Time:

By entrusting your home repair and renovation tasks to our skilled personnel, you can save time and avoid hassle.

Save Money:

While some homeowners may opt to save money by attempting handyperson services for home repairs, we prioritize building long-lasting relationships with our customers. When you hire a Kennewick handyman from A Better Handyman, you can rest assured that your project will be completed efficiently, saving you both time and money.

Better Experience:

Our team possesses extensive experience and training across various home repair and improvement tasks. We leverage this expertise to guarantee that your project meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Increased Results:

Partnering with A Better Handyman Services in Kennewick, WA, ensures superior outcomes for your home and private property. Whether it’s rebuilding your kitchen, fixing a leaky faucet, or addressing other issues, we provide top-notch services conveniently located near you in Kennewick.

Need Help With Your Home In Kennewick? Call us right now!

We’re experts at fixing things around the house and making improvements. Whether it’s a small problem or a big problem, we’ll handle it quickly and efficiently. You can trust us to take all your home issues rapidly.
Our Kennewick handyman offers accessible services. Contact us to learn everything we can do for you, from planning to getting the job done. We’ll give you free estimates so you know what to expect regarding price and how we’ll communicate with you before we start.
At A Better Handyman in Kennewick, our customers come first. We focus on quality and building trust in every service we provide. Our high standards mean your home will look great, whether a house or a business property.
If you need A Better Handyman in Kennewick, contact us in your area; our skilled team will help immediately. We promise to make your home improvement experience smooth, stress-free, and satisfying.


We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit/debit cards, along with cash and checks as forms of payment.
Some jobs can be completed quickly in just one or two days or hours, while others might require several weeks. We accept all projects, big or small; no project is too complex. Contact Us. We Do it All.

A Better Handyman Services of Kennewick, WA, provides an array of home improvement services designed to meet every need for home improvement. Our expert team offers electrical installation as well as painting, carpentry, and general maintenance jobs – such as fixing leaky faucets or installing new light fixtures, painting rooms, repairing walls, or any other home-related projects. Our expert handyman can compete effectively and professionally.

Electric installations, plumbing repairs, painting repairs, carpentry work, and general maintenance services provided by an expert team in home improvement are available at competitive rates to offer professional yet efficient home improvement service delivery.

At A Better Handyman Services, we take great pride in our team of highly qualified professionals with deep expertise and years of practical experience in various trades. Every team member receives extensive training before joining. Whether it is handling complex electrical issues, intricate woodworking projects, or precise painting jobs of any complexity or size – our team has you covered!

What sets A Better Handyman Services apart is our highly skilled professionals with years of knowledge, extensive training, and years of hands-on experience. This makes us capable of handling tasks of any size or complexity with efficiency and care. 

At A Better Handyman Services, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance, and we employ various strategies to ensure it. First of all, we emphasize communicating clearly with clients from initial consultation through to project completion to ensure we fully understand their requirements and expectations. Furthermore, we aim to be leaders in all aspects of our projects, from using top-quality materials to skilled artisans – and welcome any feedback from customers regarding how satisfied they were with the final result.

Communication with clients to establish clear expectations and needs, offering superior craftsmanship with top-grade materials, receiving feedback regarding value creation, and making necessary adjustments for customer satisfaction are hallmarks of excellence for any successful venture.

A Better Handyman Services stands out among Kennewick handyman services due to our unwavering dedication to professionalism, quality, and customer satisfaction. In contrast to some of our competitors, we do not compromise the materials or workmanship used on each project, ensuring it meets the highest standards. Moreover, with a transparent pricing structure and emphasis on honest communication, our customers know we will keep their promises without incurring cost savings or unexpected charges arising later. Furthermore, our experienced team can handle multiple tasks at the same time, offering one-stop solutions for all their home improvement needs.

Unwavering commitment to professionalism, quality, and customer satisfaction; transparent pricing model without hidden costs; versatile team capable of taking on various tasks.

Estimates within five miles of Kennewick do not incur an estimate fee. However, an annual charge of $50 applies per estimate beyond this distance – this fee covers our time and transportation costs but is fully refundable should you decide to hire us to work on your project.

Let us help you fix everything from attics to basements and everything in between.

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