How to Cat-Proof Your House

Are You Prepared for the Addition of a Furry Member to Your Family? Even simple tasks, like cleaning up small art supplies or trinkets are essential in protecting your new pet. While certain changes like installing cat-proof carpeting may require professional assistance, its long-term benefits will outlive just a couple of days.

Make Your Home Cat-Friendly

When it comes to cat-proofing your house, sometimes it’s about adding elements, but other times, it’s about removing them.

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Pet-Safe Plants

First, remove toxic plants.

As a caregiver for a new cat doesn’t mean giving up all of the lush greenery of your home entirely; there are many delightful alternatives like cats grass, spider plants or catnip that can add decoration while ensuring safety for both pet and caregiver alike.

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Be Mindful of Cords

Blind cords, electrical cables, and other dangling objects offer irresistible opportunities for amusement and exploration for these curious animals. Unfortunately, however, they can also present serious threats to your cat – they love finding new toys to explore in their surroundings and may accidentally get caught or become entangled if not handled carefully – especially young cats. Be wary if your cat chews electrical cables that may be exposed; make sure they’re safely hidden out of sight to avoid potential accidents.

Keep Your Cat Occupied with Toys

Add cat toys to your home as an effective way of entertaining and diverting your curious and playful feline from getting into trouble. By providing alternative ways for them to play, you decrease their likelihood of engaging in destructive behaviors with other household objects.

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Help Your Cat Reach New Heights

Cats have an instinctual desire to climb and perch at higher vantage points for clear views of their environment and an increased feeling of security. Installing cat-friendly furniture on walls or a perch that specifically targets felines can satisfy this natural tendency while simultaneously offering them a safe haven from which they can express themselves physically while exerting energy in ways beneficial for health. Provide your feline friend with an appealing environment conducive to his or her wellbeing by giving him or her ample opportunities to exercise energy safely and comfortably!

Cat wall furniture comes in many styles and sizes to complement the style and size of any interior space, offering your cat a personalized playground that focuses on safety and functionality. Choose between hammocks, perches or shelves – for those cats that like keeping an eye out on what’s going on outside! – to provide them with something cozy. Place their hammock or perch near a window so they can keep an eye on what’s happening locally!

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Scratching serves a number of functions for cats, such as marking their territory, expelling excess energy and maintaining the health of your claws by shedding worn layers to reveal more sharp claws. A wall scratcher should be strategically located for every cat owner as this provides your feline friend an area to satisfy her scratching inclinations without endangering furniture and providing entertainment possibilities such as dangling balls or interactive toys to play with.

It’s always a good idea to keep plenty of cat toys throughout your home so your curious, playful kitten stays busy and out of trouble. When your cat is entertained by items appropriate for them, they will be less likely to get themselves into trouble by playing with (and potentially destroying) other items.

Give Your Cat Some Fresh Air with A Balcony Mesh

Assuring the wellbeing of your pet while enjoying the fresh air filling your patio is of utmost importance. A well-installed balcony mesh is the ideal way to keep cats safe in nature without unintentionally harming other creatures such as hunting birds. Cats by nature are adept predators; given the chance they will often follow their instincts without regard for the consequences or harm. Therefore, having mesh on balconies can prevent falls from railings or allow access to restricted areas without danger.

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Need a Partner to Create Your Cat-Friendly Home?

Feline companionship can bring endless excitement, joy, and easy handling. While felines tend to become independent creatures over time, their initial journey into new areas requires careful adjustment in order to create a safe, healthy, stimulating and enjoyable environment for your new feline friend. If this appeals to you then contact A Better Handyman’s local service for customized pet-friendly enhancements that match their purrs; with local experts on call 24/7 we ensure your cat’s safety against wandering whiskers or curious paws!

FAQ on How to Cat-Proof Your House

How long does it take to cat-proof a house?

How long it takes to cat-proof your home will depend on the number of modifications that are needed. Often, you can cat-proof your home in just a few hours. For the most accurate estimate, contact your local handyman to discuss your specific needs and situation. 

I live in an apartment but still want my cat to be able to go outside. Can you help me cat-proof my balcony?

Absolutely! We have your answer by installing a custom mesh designed specifically to keep cats off rental balconies. Our method ensures pets remain protected without causing damage to walls or railings and, consequently, no repairs will be required following removal.

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